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Counties Podiatry is built on the vision of providing excellent clinical treatment and care to every member of our community.  We believe in keeping you active and on your feet.  Providing quality, personalised care to our clients is a must.

Our Podiatrist, Pukekohe local Nathan Hatch holds a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Podiatry from Auckland University of Technology.  Nathan is passionate about health, being highly active himself, Nathan understands how important looking after your feet is.  Working locally as a Podiatrist Nathan is passionate about working with people to support their footcare needs. 

Why choose Counties Podiatry

Caring for your lower limbs and feet is not only essential to maintaining your health it can also improve your quality of life.  If you have pain, problems or issues and find yourself "just putting up with it" then it is time to take action.


Through years of training and study on all aspects of the lower limb to become a registered Podiatrist we have the knowledge and skills required to help you with all your lower limb conditions. From altering the way your feet function, through to ingrown toenail surgeries we can help you stay on your feet and enjoy life.

At Counties Podiatry we will diagnose, treat and prevent foot and lower limb problems.  You will feel more comfortable and able bodied when you visit us for the care and health of your lower limbs and feet. 

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